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Powerful Document Management Service

a way to store and manage documents on the cloud that is safe and easy

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Origami Solutions offers Cloud based document storage. Their document scanning solution will index your documents and allow for accurate later retrieval. 

Your electronic documents are stored on a remote physical location which is accessible from anywhere in the world through the internet.

You can rest assured that your documents will be safe, easy to access, easily shared, synchronized, can be collaborated on and they also offer task management and direct integration with Sharepoint and Cloud Drives.

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Converting paper to digital documents

The way people do business is now changing and the integration of new business tools that prevent undue human contact are on the incline.

Paper will be a vital tool in most industries for quite some time to come, however, the movement of paper through the office is a source of concern for spreading bugs. To answer this need, converting paper into a digital element for safe-keeping and distribution has become vital

  • No software
  • No training
  • No IT overhead.

Just scan to the Cloud, ORIGAMI does the rest.

Origami Document Management Service


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